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When it comes to real estate, informed decisions save much more than money. Realtors and sellers rely on our home inspection services to assist with the transaction process. Aalpha Home Inspection Services delivers 24-Year experience in comprehensive, yet simple to understand digital home inspection reports. We offer the following home inspection services:

Licensed home inspection/inspector, mold testing and cleanup service in Naples, Collier County, SW FloridaCOMPREHENSIVE HOME INSPECTION

Buying A Home? This Is It - Our Comprehensive Home Inspection is a Top-To-Bottom detailed analysis of a home’s overall structural condition, operating status of all visible and readily accessible systems, items and components. A typical 2,500 S.F. home takes about 3 hours on-site to complete, and the inspection report is normally available within 24 hours of the completed inspection.

Inspection Scope Of Work:

  • Roofing, Attic, Crawl Spaces, Decks
  • Foundation & Basement, Grading, Drainage
  • Exterior Walls, Siding, Flashing, Windows, Stucco
  • Electrical Panels, Branches, Outlets, Switches
  • Plumbing System, Including All Fixtures
  • Air Conditioning & Heating Units
  • Water Heaters, Laundry/Kitchen Appliances
  • Doors, Windows, Stairways, Ramps
  • Full Interior Inspection
  • Visual Water Damage, Mold Assessment
Thermal Imaging

Our Comprehensive home spections include the use of FLIR Infrared cameras, the latest technology used to identify water leaks, missing or faulty insulation and a myriad of issues normally undetected by the naked eye. By including infrared thermography, critical information that is seldom noticed by standard visual inspections may be revealed. More

Home Inspection Pricing:


Up To 2,000 S.F: $280.00

Single Family Homes

 Up To 2,500 S.F: $325.00

Per Every Extra 1,000 S.F, Add: $120.00

Mobile Homes (Any Size): $300.00

Per regulatory standards, a home inspection report excludes cosmetic deficiencies due to normal wear and tear, life expectancy of appliances and inspection of accessories or equipment that may require separate licensing, such as pools and spa's, well water systems, landscaping, alarms and smart home or wireless controlled electronics.That's why when we inspect a home, we strongly recommend that our clients get involved as much as possible, inviting you to attend your home inspection so that you can be guided through each area of the home.

Q: Can Aalpha Services Talk Mold Issues On Its Comprehensive Home Inspector Reports?

Absolutely. Unlike Most Home Inspectors In SW Florida, We're STATE LICENSED To Do So.

Licensed home inspector, mold inspection servicce in Naples, FL

4 Point Home Inspection

This is a basic home inspection service that will provide the information needed to determine whether or not the prospective home will qualify for an insurance policy, fit your investment budget or suits your flip project needs. Most home insurers are very specific about what they want to see from a home before a policy is offered, which means that the four specific primary areas mentioned below need to be in sound condition:


  • Roofing System,

  • Plumbing System

  • HVAC System

  • Electrical System

Single Family Homes Up To 2,000 S.F.: $200.00
$50.00 Per Each Additional 1,000 S. F

Condos: $150.00    Mobile Homes: $150.00

PLicensed home inspector, mold inspection servicce in Naples, FL RE-LISTING INSPECTION

If you are considering placing your property on the market, it's always wise to perform a Pre-Listing Inspection before you list it. A general report about the home’s condition will give you the advantage to disclose unforeseen issues, make repairs and so forth. Buyers are always looking for reasons to negotiate lower real estate purchasing price. Why give them one?

PRICING     Single Family Homes (Up To 2,000 S.F.): $275.00        Condos: $250.00     Mobile Homes: $275.00 



Re-Inspections should be scheduled any time that our original property inspection results in the discovery of a defective home component. If the seller agrees to have the component in question repaired before final negotiations resume, we’ll be happy to return to the property to ensure that the repairs have been performed well and that no additional damage was caused during the process.



This inspection service not only ensures that your prospective home is adequately protected from storm damage, but it can also clue you in to certain insurance credits that the home may qualify for through the state of Florida. We’ll carefully look over the property for any existing wind mitigation features, making additional recommendations based on our findings



Termites and other wood-destroying organisms can be a major headache for new homeowners who end up responsible for the repair costs of pre-existing issues. To prevent that from happening to you, you should schedule this inspection service before going through with an investment to ensure that your prospective home isn’t affected by termite damage.