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All indoor mold growth situations should be quickly resolved. It is well known that besides degrading building materials, certain species of fungi may produce mycotoxins that are among the most toxic chemicals known to man. Thus, it is possible that by the time mold growth is discovered indoors, mycotoxin levels may have already build-up. Aalpha's approach to mold remediation utilizing medical industry containment techniques and novel microbial deactivation formulas comply with Federal safety guidelines and expedite remedial work. Our equipment can be deployed in just minutes to provide pressure barriers, and deliver a variety of mitigation agents (i.e. atomized peroxide formulas, dehumidification, air scrubbing & more).

10 Minutes, Environment Under Control - Time To Deactivate The Mold

Effective treatment saves time & money. In addition to FL mold remediation standards (for which we hold  Mold Remediation Lic. #MRSR3278), we combine OAUGDP with MDF and/or Zimek technologies, which independently guarantee results. As OAUGDP masters the subject environment, Decon formulations safely deactivate toxic mold, bacterium and its Mycotoxins within 30 minutes, dwelling time is 24 hours at most.
Mold Is Gone - Let's Cleanup The Mess & While At It, Fix The Source
While our expert mold cleanup team finish up the project, remediation takes place. This means resolving whatever CAUSED or CONTRIBUTED to the mold situation, which most "mold remediation" companies don't do at all (including ServiceMaster & Servpro). Since the project's long term success depends on it, we'll diagnose the source free of charge. Better yet, even though we're licensed to take care of it, will provide you a competitive bid, and the chance to shop around. Fair is fair & best of all: Mold is gone!
What Is The Guarantee?
Simply put, 100%. Aalpha Services guarantees that any given site and/or area thereof that is treated under our exclusive mold risk management program will be:
(1) Free of active (VIAL) mycotoxin mold, bacterium and/or chemical by-products (mycotoxins),
(2) Free of gross filth, water-damaged items or substrates, heavy soil, free of foul or musty odors,
(3) At half or less colony forming units (CFU) counts compared to outdoor mold readings*,
(4) Will successfully pass Third Party Clearance Testing within 48 hours of treatment, and;
(5) Improved conditions will remain like so as long as whatever caused the problem is fixed to code.

* Mold spores are a part of the natural environment at all times, thus impossible to eradicate..

Budget Rules - How Much?
Bottom line: Compared to traditional mold mitigation methods, biosafety Makes Sense. Starting at $2.50 P/ Square Foot, an entire home or building and all contents within can become microbe-safe overnight, converting any mold/IAQ situation into a harmless cleanup & maintenance project, which may be Up to 60% Less Expensive.

So-Please, Shop Around First, and then give Aalpha Services a call.  (239) 200-2474

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Biosafety As A Profession

The concept of Biological Safety (or biosafety) has paralleled the development of the science of microbiology. Applied biosafety is the knowledge and skill necessary to identify, isolate and/or manipulate pathogenic microorganisms. Biosafety professionals master the principles of epidemiology, disease transmission patterns, risk management, disinfection and sterilization, aerobiology and environmental control systems engineering to reduce or eliminate the potential for adverse environmental impact from infectious agents or biologically-derived materials.

The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) is a recognized applied biosafety institution that works in alliance with OSHA. ABSA focuses primarily on biological safety in the workplace, emerging biological safety issues, and methods to address those issues. Aalpha Services is a proud member of ABSA.

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