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Mold Inspection 1 On 1: Mold is typically a symptom of a bigger problem in a home or building. In fact, mold occurs when building materials become exposed to moisture, or when inadequate ventilation promotes ambient humidity build-up. Unattended mold infections are likely to spread, eventually leading into building materials or personal assets decay and; their infamous musty smell. The purpose of a mold inspection is:

  • Identify and document the cause of mold growth and extent of damage,
  • Determine the best course of action to isolate & remove the mold and;
  • Specify what needs to be done in order to prevent new occurrences.

Mold Testing Clarified: Mold's natural way of spreading has also become a matter of concern involving indoor air quality (IAQ), a controversial area in which there are no established regulatory standards to date. According to the EPA, "In specific instances, such as cases where litigation is involved, the actual source's of the mold contamination are unclear, or health concerns are a problem, sampling may be considered as part of a site evaluation."

Beware that in most cases, if visible mold growth is present and the moisture source has been identified, mold testing may be irrelevant, and thus unnecessary. Furthermore, only physicians can determine whether an IAQ situation may be related to an individual's health complaint, and verifying that requires very specific site -and patient- screen testing. Please contact Aalpha to determine whether your situation may require mold or IAQ sampling.   239-200-2474

Aalpha's Mold Inspection & Assessment services include site structural & mechanical systems inspection, sampling & laboratory services to assist settling potential health issues.

We inspect & test rooms, basements, attics, crawl spaces, plumbing, roofing HVAC systems & air ducts, take ambient snapshot readings, and then perform comprehensive volumetric ambient air sampling to gather all the information that is required.

Based on the site's inspection, infrared imaging, ambient conditions readings & sampling lab analysis results, we issue clear and concise Mold/IAQ Condition reports that are suitable for real estate disclosures, supporting evidence and/or documented peace of mind. If the site is OK, we provide Mold/IAQ Clearance Certifications.

Service Fees

Residential Mold Inspection (Any Size): $245.00
Commercial/Industrial Sites (OSHA Compliant)
$749.00 Per Every 10,000 Sq. Ft.
Includes CO, CO2, VOC's & PM Testing
Standard Mold Testing (Only if required):     $ 53.00 P/Sample.
48 Hr. Expedited Mold Lab Analysis:          $ 39.00 P/Sample.

State Of Florida Mold Assessor Lic. MRSA3251 

(239) 200-2474

Special Notes: Aalpha Services support Federal legislations against fraud. Thus, encourages all clients to witness findings or instruments readings and, if any, retain a copy of the sampling Chain Of Custody form & mail suspect samples to the lab.

Thermography is the art of evaluating structural and/or mechanical systems through infrared (IR) or thermal imaging, which offers a myriad of advantages when diagnosing mold or IAQ situations. Although being offered as an independent service, Aalpha may perform infrared imaging at its own discretion, thus at no additional expense to the client, during the course of a typical mold assessment or mold source investigation. Learn more

Have A Readily Visible Mold Problem That Needs Cleanup & Remediation?

Then take advantage of our savvy Mold/IAQ Remedial Management services, which provide:
  • Remedial Approach Assessment & Cost Estimates,
  • Cleanup Method Enforcement, On-site Labor Supervision,
  • Clearance Testing & Certification

Simply put, everything you need to insure that your building's mold problem is fixed to code, within time and; budget constrains.

Remedial Consulting Fees

Residential Sites (any size): $255.00 P/Day
Commercial/Industrial Sites: $395.00 P/Day
Call Aalpha For Details!
(239) 200-2474

Mold Remediation, Site Cleanup & Restoration Services

Should you decide to employ our Mold Remediation & Restoration services instead, all preliminary site inspection or testing fees are applied directly towards the project, and we can tailor our services to accommodate your specific mold clean-up needs. And simply because we're LICENSED to address whatever the source, our mold remediation services Are Guaranteed.

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