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Dirty Air Handlers, Blower Fans, Moldy Evaporator Coils: The Secret Behind Poor HVAC Performance, Compromised Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

HVAC unit's periodic thorough cleaning is often neglected, mainly because accessing their inner parts is labor intensive. That is until these vital components accumulate enough dirt to reduce or restrict airflow, causing a myriad of performance or comfort issues, or worse, clog condensate drainage components, which often lead to overflow spills that result in floodings, mold growth and non-repairable equipment damage.

Dirty air handlers also promote Rapid Bacteria & Mold Growth and; operating infected units is now very well known for leading into Potentially Harmful Microbial Widespread. Because of the ill-effects that this may cause, HVAC unit's hygiene is now recognized as a key factor while addressing numerous Indoor Air Quality issues.

Aalpha Services, LLC has the appropriate training, licensing and expertise, the latest gear, premium decon formulas & ambient sterilization technologies to safely resolve HVAC microbial contamination issues of any kind, restore equipment's original performance and reestablish optimal conditioned airflow in one single service call..

Our HVAC Cleaning Service includes the following tasks:

  • Preliminary HVAC Unit Isolation and Shock Plasma Sterilization
  • Evaporator & Blower Fan Cabinets Insulation Cleaning/Repair
  • Cooling Coil, Condensate Drainage Plumbing Cleaning & Flush-Out
  • Complete Air Handler Cabinet Biocide Disinfection & Wipe Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Wire Brush Cleaning, Blower Fan Power Washing
  • Air Filter Housing Tracks Repair, Air Filter Sizing & Tight Fitting
  • Condenser Unit Cleaning, Freon leaks repair (if any) & Freon Charge


Residential Units (ANY SIZE):    $315.00 Each
Commercial / Industrial Units: Contact Aalpha For Free Estimates!

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