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What is a Mold/IAQ Clearance?

Per current Federal guidelines, a home or building is deemed mold-safe when:

  • Is free of visible mold, debris or filth,
  • Have no plumbing, storm drainage or structural deficiencies that may lead to moisture intrusion,
  • Substrates are dry (11% or less moisture content),
  • Its ventilation system is clean and fully operational,
  • Indoor ambient relative humidity is below 60%, and
  • Indoor air sampling identified fungi are of similar composition, and fungal spore (CFU) counts per cubic meter of air are ideally 1/3 or less than those of an outdoor air sample taken at the time of the survey.

However, no two homes or buildings are alike, and here’s where experience makes a difference. Many mold/IAQ issues may result from uncommon sources, and rest assured that in over 20 Years at assessing mold, from a real estate price-reducing Butanol scam to cult practice leftovers, we have pretty much seen them all.

Our residential mold inspection and IAQ assessment services are divided into 2 categories:

 Vacant Properties

Vacant or market-ready properties are generally in good maintenance status, professionally cleaned, and some even staged to appeal prospects. Mold inspection requests are mainly for standard seller’s disclosure or a prospect’s documented peace of mind.

Our Vacant property mold assessment includes visual and IR (thermal imaging) inspection and standard air quality sampling, which is a regulatory requirement to issue mold/IAQ clearance certifications. If any, visual mold findings or problem areas are documented and reported, but since the site is vacant, follow-up directives are left entirely to the client’s discretion.

PRICING: $325.00, Includes 2 mold/IAQ samples and lab Analysis.

Occupied Properties

Indoor microbial growth is typically a symptom of a bigger problem in occupied buildings, and various additional factors must be taken into account when performing a mold or IAQ assessment, which is usually in response to an ongoing issue. Microbial amplification can occur when building materials become exposed to moisture due to structural or plumbing deficiencies or compromised ventilation systems, which in some instances could be related to site occupant’s lifestyle. Unattended infections can lead to costly building materials decay, personal property loss, offensive odors, potential occupants’ safety and health risks from exposure to microbial spores widespread.

PRICING: $455.00, Includes 3 Mold/IAQ samples and lab analysis.

Additional Sampling: $59.00 Each.

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We inspect rooms, attics, plumbing, crawl spaces and roofs to ensure the highest quality assessment service.

Mold inspection service Tampa, Naples, Sarasota and Clearwater FL. 239-200-2474

We inspect the HVAC system, measure airflow and ambient conditions to evaluate a key factor, the site’s HVAC’s overall health.

We perform infrared scans on walls, ceilings, and floorings to identify hidden moisture issues and other potential problem areas not visible to the naked eye.

Air quality sampling in Tampa, Clearwater, Naples and Sarasota FL. 239-200-2474

And then conduct indoor air quality sampling to fully  understand your property’s environmental condition to provide accurate clearance or recommendations.

Based on the site’s assessment results, we issue strictly unbiased, non-verbose, clear and concise Mold/IAQ Condition reports that are suitable for remediators scope of work guidance, litigation or insurance claim supporting documentation.

If no microbial growth, moisture issues or IAQ anomalies are found, Mold/IAQ Clearance Certifications are issued and attached to our assessment reports for documented peace of mind at no additional charge.

When to consider having a mold or IAQ safety assessment done?

  • Are you buying or selling a property and you don’t know if there are any issues that could lead to mold growth?
  • Are you buying a property that has evidence of moisture damage but there is no seller’s disclosure about it?
  • Did a home inspection report unveil potential mold issues and recommended further professional evaluation?
  • Is there a musty, damp or foul smell in your home or building, but there are no visible sources that could cause them?
  • Has the property experienced HVAC deficiencies or its air handling unit’s required annual maintenance neglect?
  • Are there any drywall stains, wood rot, paint bubbles or other cosmetic flaws of unknown origin anywhere?
  • Was there a sink or toilet overflow or sewer back-up and you’re unsure about how thorough the flood cleanup work was?
  • Does the property have exterior wall(s) cracks or voids, or visible stucco damage or discoloration?
  • Does the property have a negative grading foundation or is experiencing storm water ponding in a crawl space?
  • Is or was the property subject of hoarding, spills, spoiled food or pet waste cleanup neglect?
  • Is the property experiencing frequent or ongoing rodent or other pest invasions?
  • Do occupants seem to experience itchy eyes, skin rashes or other allergic reactions only while in there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the assessment may be justified.

Special Note

We are fully licensed to perform both, mold assessment and mold remediation services. Per DBPR regulations, offering both services to the same client is a conflict of interest, and we totally agree. 

We have no financial interest in the outcome of our mold or IAQ assessments, for which our services do not include remedial cost estimates or provide third party referrals.

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Mold inspection, mold testing and remediation service in Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota and Naples, FL. 239-200-2474