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HVAC Microbials Detoxification & Annual Cleaning

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If left unattended, dirty HVAC systems can, in fact, seriously impact budgets, property integrity and site occupant’s well-being.

Dirty condenser coils force HVAC compressors to run harder, hotter & longer, causing refrigerant leaks and electrical components to operate beyond their tolerances. Dramatic performance loss, excessive operating costs, refrigerant loss and electrical parts overload failure at the peak of demand are costly results of it.

Also, regardless of air filter quality or exchange frequency, all HVAC air handler’s inner components get dirty over time. Manufacturers recommend their thorough cleaning on periodic basis, and yet most HVAC techs tend to neglect this task. That is until these accumulate enough dirt to restrict airflow, causing ambient humidity buildup, cooling coils to freeze or condensate drain lines to clog, which leads to overflow spills, expensive equipment’s premature rust and significant property flood damage.

And worse, dirty air handlers promote Rapid Bacteria & Mold Growth. Operating infected HVAC units trigger microbial spores widespread that not only afflict ambient air, but can also systematically infect furnishings, walls, ceilings, carpeting, clothes, linens, etc. Because of the ailments that this may cause, air handler’s poor hygiene is widely recognized as a key factor to unhealthy Indoor environments.

HVAC microbial growth is a serious issue, so we make site occupant’s and technician’s safety and well-being our #1 priority. Unlike our competition, we follow strict biosafety standards and take the extra time to Sterilize The Entire HVAC System Beforehand.

We have the patience and expertise, premium grade detoxification formulas & ambient sterilization technologies to safely resolve microbial contamination issues of any kind, and because equipment’s performance and reliability are just as important as the healthy conditioned airflow that it should drive, our HVAC Detox and Annual Cleaning Service includes:

  • Air Handler Wiring & Insulation Cleaning
  • Evaporator (Cooling Coil) Chemical Cleaning
  • Condensate Drainage System Flush-Out
  • Blower Fan Removal & Chemical Cleaning
  • Condenser Coil & Body Chemical Cleaning


$575.00 Per System

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