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Mold Remediation, Bacteria & Viruses Abatement

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Indoor mold infections can degrade building materials to the point of collapse, and mold spores widespread may build-up to unhealthy levels. All authorities agree – For all sites and their occupant’s sake, mold growth speedy control is Paramount.

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When it comes to microbials, We Don’t Take Any Chances. The best method to eliminate ANY indoor microbial crisis is a well- stablished medical biosafety approach that employs sterilants to render indoor environments inert beforehandOSHA, CDC & EPA define sterilants as Full-Range Microbial Elimination Means, and sterilant gassing or dry-fogging grants Fast & Safe Site Access to begin remedial work. Thus, we tackle mold infections in two steps:

Step 1 of 2 – Full Site Sterilization

Full site microbial abatement using FDA approved sterilant flooding

We first Fill-Up the indoor environment with sterilants that are selected or combined based on the situation at hand. We use gases like nitrogen dioxide & cold plasma ozone, and premium formulas that we deploy using Dry-Fog technology such as peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide or Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, all of which easily penetrate hidden areas & porous materials systematically eliminating airborne & settling microbials throughoutSee How VHP Dry-Fogging Works

Step 2 – Remediation, Cleanup & Prevention

Once the indoor environment is temporarily rendered sterile, we proceed per FL licensing regulations and/or Federal guidelines to:

  • Remove water-damaged, infected/degraded items & materials,
  • Resolve infection root causes and/or moisture intrusion sources,
  • Perform a thorough Full-Site HEPA cleanup & dry-out,
  • Thoroughly clean & service the site’s HVAC system(s),
  • Restore material and/or cosmetic damage as required.
  • All Known Fungi
  • Organic Decay Bacteria
  • Sewage, Salt & Hot Water Bacteria
  • Pathogenic Avian Flu
  • All Know Viruses
  • Salmonella Choleraesuis
  • Staphylococcus
  • Legionella Pneumonia
  • Enterococcus Faecalis
  • Mustard Gas & VX
  • Bacillus Anthracis
  • Hydrogen & Sodium Cyanide
  • Butyl Isocyanate
  • Carbon Disulfide
  • Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Soman & Sarin
  • Terpens & Ketones (Odors)
  • All Homes
  • Schools, Casinos
  • Nursing Homes
  • Libraries
  • Hotels, Motels
  • Attics, Crawl Spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Cars, Ships, Buses
  • Child Care Centers
  • Hospitals, Clinics
  • All HVAC Systems
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Crime Scenes
  • Meth Labs
  • Shelters, Gyms
  • Office Buildings
  • Ambulances

Microbial growth circumstances are unique in many ways, and in many cases a shock sterilization treatment may be all that’s required on your end. Thus, we offer custom mold, bacteria & viruses abatement as a stand alone service.

What’s The Advantage?

Traditional mold containment. Expensive, scandalous, mostly unnecessaryWhen compared to risky, lengthy, labor-intensive & costly live or active mold remediation methods as depicted to your left, biosafety makes sense. When an entire indoor environment is temporarily made microbials-free beforehand, sources correction, site cleanup and repairs become regular maintenance tasks. Our approach technique effectively eliminate worker’s and site occupant’s microbial exposure health risks, cross-contamination liability and expedite remedial processes, which means restoring pre-occurrence conditions at the outmost safety, time and cost efficiency.

Our services are EPA & OSHA compliant, our detoxification technology and product’s credentials are second to none, and simply put, there’s nothing better that could be offered in this field. For insurance-covered perils, our indirect billing is accepted by all carriers and best of all, health risk factors can be wiped out of the equation in 2 hours or less.

What Is the Guarantee?

100%. We guarantee that any assigned microbials-laden site and/or area thereof will be:

(1) Free of microbials, gross filth, water-damaged items or substrates, foul or musty odors,
(2) Will successfully pass Third Party Clearance * within 20 days of remediation, and
(3) Improved conditions will remain like so as long as occurrence sources are fixed to code.

mold remediation discretion guaranteed. Serving Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, Clearwater, Bradenton, Venice and Saint Petersburg, FL

We live in an increasingly litigious society, and mold can offer suitable grounds to become the subject of opportunistic lawsuits. That’s why we DO NOT advertise mold services in our vehicles while on site, only speak to homeowners or managers about it, wear plain clothing around it, and restrict site access while working on it.

What Is Dry-Fog Technology?

Dry Fog nozzle used to eliminate mold, bacteria and virusesBased on the formula being used, a regular fogger’s plastic or brass nozzle produce mist droplets that range from 65 to 140 microns in size. Two-Staged Dry-Fog titanium nozzles first convert a liquid into a mist, and then the second stage converts the mist into vapor molecules that range from 4 to 8 microns in size. These were specifically developed to vaporize sterilants to render cleanrooms, aircrafts, healthcare facilities, homes and buildings, vehicles, critical production or research laboratory areas inert more efficiently. Dry-Fog:

  • Does not wet surfaces, minimize ambient condensation – and hence it’s name
  • Ensures sterilant penetration into physically inaccessible areas
  • Delivers maximum sterilant coverage area and/or cost efficiency
  • Does not damage appliances, electronics or building electrical systems
  • It’s cold vaporization technology preserve formula’s molecular integrity, which
  • Allows sterilants to consistently deliver six log (99.9999%) microbial elimination

On The Other Hand, Professional Or Premium Grade Sterilants:

  1. Are 100% green or biodegradable, leave no air or physical residuals
  2. Are made of pharmaceutical quality materials, chemistry passes AFNOR Norm NF T 72-281
  3. Do not contain toxic aldehyde vapors or produce harmful VOC’s
  4. Have significantly reduced areation or dwelling time

Sterilization Vs. Traditional Mold Remediation

There is quite extensive documentation proving that safety wise, traditional microbial remediation methods may not be as reliable as they seem, and off-the-shelves disinfectants may still lead to worker’s and site occupant’s harmful microbials & VOC’s exposure, and thus consequential liabilities. For instance:

1) Indoor ambient disturbances caused by traffic or activities near mold colonies can release mold spores throughout the entire site, boosting potential infections elsewhere and exposure risk factors many times fold. By the time that a target area containment & air scrubbing are deployed it may already be too late, such tasks only minimize microbial spore’s spread, and are ineffective at treating structural voids or hidden areas.

2) US EPA place sterilants at the top of its antimicrobials list for good reasons. Sanitizers, biocides & germicides reduce or kill, but do not eliminate mold, and disinfectants do not eliminate microbial spores.

3) Off-the-shelves mold removal or mold-killing products sold at hardware stores are mostly 85% to 94% watermay contain toxic VOC’s-emitting chlorine bleach or ammonia, dead mold can still be infectious, and water-based products runoff can fully revive microbials.

Biosafety As a Profession

Applied biosafety is the knowledge and skill necessary to identify, isolate and/or manipulate pathogenic microorganisms. Biosafety professionals master the principles of epidemiology, disease transmission patterns, risk management, disinfection and sterilization, aerobiology and environmental control systems engineering to reduce or eliminate the potential for adverse environmental impact from infectious agents or biologically derived materials.

Mold inspection, mold testing and remediation services in Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Fort Myers and Naples, FL. 239-200-2474The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) is a recognized applied biosafety institution that works in alliance with OSHA. ABSA focuses primarily on biological safety in the workplace, emerging biological safety issues, and methods to address those issues. Aalpha Services’ owner is a certified biosafety specialist & Senior Member of ABSA.

* Per current Federal guidelines, a home or building is deemed mold-safe when is free of visible mold, dust, debris or filth, there is no evidence of moisture intrusion, substrates are dry (11% or less moisture content), its ventilation system is clean and fully operational, indoor ambient relative humidity is below 60%, and indoor air sampling identified fungi are of similar composition, and fungi spore counts per cubic meter of air are ideally 1/3 or less than those of an outdoor air sample taken at the time of assessment.

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Mold inspection, mold testing and remediation service in Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota and Naples, FL. 239-200-2474